AF Environmental – Here’s What You Should Grab Before Evacuating for a Flood

Flooding can pose a huge challenge to the overall health and wellness of you and your family. Not only is the flood itself a cause of stress and grief, the aftermath can have negative effects for years to come. However, if you take the time to collect these items before a flood, you may save your family from extended heartache after the flood waters have receded.

Medical, Legal, and Identification Documents
Taking time to gather all of the family’s critical documents is of the utmost importance during the lead-up time to a flood. These can help immensely in navigating life after the flood. Making doctor’s visits, traveling, and even rebuilding after a flood all require certain documents. It’s a good idea to make sure you always know where important documents are in your house, so they’re readily available in the event of an emergency such as a flood.

Medicine and Food Supplies
Grab any medication that your family routinely takes and needs on a daily basis. In the short term, this will make life feel normal and keep your family healthy and limit stress. Simple food supplies like bottled water and snacks that your family likes will also normalize the experience and bring comfort.

Clothing and Valuables
Taking the bare necessities in the way of clothing and personal grooming supplies is the best way to make life during a flood feel normal. Valuables that are on hand and are easy to grab are also something you should grab and pack to take with you. Jewelry and other small valuables can bring comfort and peace of mind if you can bring them with you.

Be sure to get your computer backup if you have one and any technology that your family uses every day. Laptops, tablets, and cellphones should get packed in addition to any batteries or chargers that they use. You will need a way to communicate during and after the flood, so at the very least bring cell phones and charging cords. Spare batteries or portable chargers are also a good idea in the event of a power outage.

Packing before evacuating for a flood can be overwhelming. Making sure that critical documents and items are packed and on hand for these types of situations can reduce the stress of a flood evacuation. If you need assistance with flood damage restoration after returning to your home after a flood, AF Environmental can help. Contact us at 817-903-6457 or on our website.

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