AF Environmental – 5 Signs that Your Home Has Hidden Mold

Mold in your home can be one of the most serious problems you’ll face in your life. The havoc it can wreak on your health and your home can be devastating. Here are five signs that your home might have hidden mold.


You Can Feel It
Many common molds that grow in residential settings have health ramifications that you can sometimes see and feel. People with asthma and other chronic breathing problems can have flare-ups because of mold in the home. Other symptoms include a runny nose, red eyes, skin rash, and even vomiting in extreme cases. Further symptoms can include persistent colds and coughs that are otherwise unexplained.

You Can Smell It
If your home has a faint unpleasant smell, it might be because mold is trapped and thriving somewhere in your home. Mold can grow on many of the building materials used in modern houses, giving off a smell. If you’re unsure of the smell, bring in a professional to help identify the problem areas throughout your home.

Your Floor Has Soft Spots
Mold can cause damage to walls, crawl spaces, and flooring. If your floor has spots that give or feel soft, it may be because of water damage. Homes with water damage are more susceptible to mold because once the water is in your house it will sit and grow mold unless cleaned up.

Rings on the Drywall
Another sign of mold in your walls is rings or stains on the drywall. Many molds will grow in large circular patterns with the right conditions. Look for large, circular spots that are usually dark in color as a sign of mold.

Seeing Mold
If you see mold in your home, chances are that there is more lurking somewhere unseen. Most home molds are dark colored, so look for dark spots around the home. Places that mold flourishes the most are warm, dark places like the spots where condensation forms from a dryer vent or where there might be a hole in the roof that allows water to pool up inside your home.

Seeing mold in your home, whether out in the open or hidden, can be a terrifying discovery. To remove mold, you should always call a professional to help make a long-term plan for mold remediation. The team at AF Environmental can help clear up your mold nightmares if you need a hand dealing with mold in your home.

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